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Journal Publications

‡ Co-First Authorship, *Graduate student mentee 

  1. Jones A.A., Schneider K.E., *Mahlobo C, Maggs J.L., Dayton L, Tobin, K.E, Latkin, C.A. (2022). Fentanyl overdose concerns among people who inject drugs: The role of sex/gender, racial minority status, and overdose prevention efforts. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors Advance online publication.

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  6. Johnson J.K., Johnson R.M., Hodgkin D., Jones A.A., Kritikos A, Doonan S.M., Harris S.K. (2021). Medical marijuana laws (MMLs) and dispensary provisions not associated with higher odds of adolescent marijuana or heavy marijuana use: A 46 State Analysis, 1991-2015. Substance Abuse. https://doi:10.1080/08897077.2021.1900986     

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Manuscripts Under Review


  1. Jones, A.A., Schneider, K.E., Falade-Nwulia O, Sterner G, Tobin K, Latkin, C.A. Social network Hepatitis C (HCV) characteristics, HCV stigma, and HCV care among women who inject drugs (WWID). 

  2. ‡Jones A.A, ‡Santos-Lozada A.R., Perez-Brumer, A., Latkin C, Shoptaw S, El-Bassel N. Fatal drug overdoses highest among older Black adults relative to young Black adults and older White adults in the United States, 2015-2019. 

  3. Jones, A.A., Schneider, K. E, Tobin, K., O’Sullivan D., Latkin, C.A. Daily opioid and stimulant co-use and non-fatal overdoses in the context of social disadvantage: Findings on women, homelessness, and sex work.

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 Additional Contributions in Peer-Reviewed Journals
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